"Both open and closed-back EL-8s capture most of the speed, immediacy, and presence of the Audeze headphone lineup in an easy-to-drive and portable package."

Steven Stone
The Absolute Sound (New - Print Only)

"The EL-8's special beauty was their holistic way with space and inner details. It sounded stronger, faster, punchier and more transparent than through my big floorstanders."...
Herb Reichart
"Beautiful, lifelike sound from one of the industry's top planar magnetic headphone-makers manufactured with high-quality craftsmanship. "
Michael Calore
"It makes for an attractive sumptuousness on material with clean and well-extended bass, an area where the EL-8 unquestionably shines.
Hi-Fi News
"Audeze's new EL-8 Open-Back Headphones use a unique planar magnetic design to deliver ultra­-detailed sound with visceral bass — straight from an i­Phone!"
Men's Journal
"The EL-8 is their lightest, most comfortable, best looking, easiest to drive, most affordable, made-in-the-U.S. headphone, and maintains Audeze’s signature sound. Well done!"...
Steve Guttenberg
Sound & Vision
"The EL8 Open has an impressively neutral tonality, detailed yet not exaggerated presentation of transients, and a rewarding sense of musical dynamics."
Sam Inglis
Sound on Sound
"Tuned more to the neutral side but with a good touch of warmth. great instrument separation, very spacious."
"The new Deckard amp and EL-8 headphones sport industrial design by BMW DesignworksUSA and the impeccable audio quality that enthusiasts have come to expect from Audeze."
Alexander Lamascus
Robb Report
"Beautifully crafted and built closed-back headphones isolate you from outside world while you submerge into a spacious ocean of sounds."
Alex Twister
"With the EL-8 Closed-Backs the music doesn’t feel like it’s right on your ear but more around you with a good sense of space and air."
Adam Cain
"You get what you pay for. Fantastic sound quality from the closed-back packed into a beautifully crafted design. Bottom line, these sound fantastic and are an absolute joy."
Michael Sawh
Trusted Reviews
"These are definitely a fantastic pair of open headphones. If you’re looking for natural sound that competes with many $1000+ top of the line headphones, look no further!"
Peter Pialis
"Bass was no problem; indeed the EL-8s seemed impressively flat of frequency response to right down low, producing audible content below 20Hz."
Best Buys Audio & AV Australia
"They connect you to the music in a way that makes you want to listen and listen, something Audeze have managed to do very well indeed. I’d say they’ve nailed it."
Linette Smith
Hifi Pig
"Your eye might be drawn to the wood veneer and the quality of construction, but your ears will thank you for delivering details you never even noticed before."
Jonathan Bell
"The presentation is crisp and acoustic decay is wonderfully quick ... detail retrieval is excellent and easily ranks up there alongside far pricier headphones".
Arly Borges
"There are hours upon hours of eloquent beauty to discover in the depths of your music collection when listening through the EL-8s."
Ryan Waniata
Digital Trends
"I love this headphone, it delivers extraordinary resolution, hard-hitting dynamics, accurate and powerful bass, and spacious imaging. It's a force to be reckoned with."
Steve Guttenberg
CNET's The Audiophiliac
Michael Mercer's EL-8 Impressions Session on EnjoyTheMusic.com, full review to follow of both open and closed-back models. "‪I can't wait for others to bask in it's silky soun...
Michael Mercer
"Some of the most vivid, dynamic, and powerful sound of their genre. Acoustic instruments spun across the soundstage in tactile clarity."
Ryan Waniata
Digital Trends
"They sound energetic and full-bodied, but without losing that clarity and with not a hint of hardness. Bass lines sound deep, detailed and agile."
What Hi-Fi
"The EL-8′s sound is more wide-open, aimed at those with wider musical tastes and who may not want to invest in a separate headphone amp and just jack them into their iPhone."...
Stewart Wolpin
EH Daily
"A powerful sound, good tight bass, musical mids and exciting treble. It's all you need!"
"The EL-8 is first quality, just like their LCD Collection, a great choice, highly recommended. Bravo Audeze!"